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Goal Orientations

The 405 lb Walk

Motivational Mantra

Who Am I?

King Davis, an alumnus of Harvard University, is an author and advisor who’s dedicated to providing an arrangement of words and writings to exhort, edify, and comfort.

Whether he’s inspiring the downtrodden or motivating the sluggish, King’s message is comprised of the intricacies enveloping the human experience. When an individual can overcome insurmountable odds, it’s often appreciated by them who have advocated for the driven and cheered for the ambitious to succeed. It takes an enormous amount of determination to catapult a life from unfavorable conditions into an environment that is conducive for intellectual growth, emotional development, and financial prosperity.

King has inspired many to digress from their temporal state of despondency and towards the inevitable good fortunes associated with positive thought. Despite of having to deal with setbacks, disappointments, and life-threatening situations, he has nonetheless retained a positive outlook and undying commitment to elevate the hearts and minds within his sphere of influence.


In the early years, King was the victim of an after school shooting that led to paralysis in his lower extremities. King rebounded from that physical limitation to eliminate his doubts and replace his despair with a yearning to re-gain good health. His goal was to repudiate the fear that he would never walk again and, thereby, strengthen his desire to overcome. He endured countless hours of physical therapy and embarked upon a life-long endeavor to re-fashion himself. Blessed with a resilient nature, he began to allow his faith to envelope the desires of his heart. Thereafter, he placed a high degree of focus on attaining the insights required for the improvement of his conditions and opportunities. In 2012, he lifted and walked with 405 lbs.


For decades, King has met with people of diverse cultures. They have shared their experiences of grappling with stress, depression, and social conflicts. As a result, King established a communication platform to express the critical need for individuals to examine whether their potential is squarely aligned with the progressions of their life. He believes that potential is the ultimate indicator that individuals are strong by design. He has dedicated his life to helping others re-acquire their vision for living and has motivated thousands to move towards the prescribed benchmarks of their lives.


As expressed by King, we all possess genuine expectations for our lives and garner the imagination of possibilities. King believes that thoughts originate in the heart and, eventually, persuade the mind to envision what the heart has graciously accepted as true. The seedling of imagination enables many to marry their personal wills with reality. When an individual can begin to think with their mind and speak from their heart what they are sensing as vital to their existence, nothing can deter them from achieving their goals. As a result of overcoming physical paralysis, King now professes the concept of mind over matter. He speaks to individuals, families, businesses, associations, and government agencies to reiterate that one can envision and accomplish with the proper mindset.

He re-emphasizes that we are all future reminders with an historical reference, as it relates to who we were, who we are, who we’re becoming, where we’ve been, where we are, where we’re going, how we’ve lived, why we exist, and the way we’ve left life. There have always been additions, subtractions, or multiplications with some necessary and, sometimes, unfortunate divisions that were exponential and factored into the equation. We are the total embodiment of those encounters experienced through our physical, emotional, or mental. Thus, one’s potential is summarized as the ability to become or do something within the scope of quotients to include, but not limited to: Communication Quotient (COM.Q.), Courage Quotient (C.Q.), Curiosity Quotient (CUR.Q.), Emotional Quotient (E.Q.), Financial Quotient (F.Q.), Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.), Passion Quotient (P.Q.), and Spiritual Quotient (S.Q.).

  • Confidence Inspiring

  • Maestro of Motivation and Mental Mapping

  • Discernment Towards Discovery

  • Whenever, Wherever, And Somewhere To Train For Then and There

  • Cultivating Cultures And The Character of Choices


Profile Picture

King Davis
King DavisFounder
May life continue to inspire you for good works and an, inevitable, outcome . . . May wisdom never fail your endeavors.

Some Highlights Of My Raison D’être

Me, Myself, and I . . . The author and advisor . . . The evolving document for every life’s experiment . . . The embodiment of an enigma and part-panacea . . .

  • “The wise prevail through great power, and those who have knowledge muster their strength.” – – Proverbs 24:5 New International Version
  • “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – – Mark Twain
  • “You are ambitious, which, within reasonable bounds, does good rather than harm.” — Abraham Lincoln on January 26, 1863

Received a little sunshine and rain to wash away life’s pain until a thick skin became tough for the reigning title “refined and resiliently-defined” to become enough for living more and giving much with a longed for personal and professional touch . . .

When there’s a heavenly-happy clap-clap followed by “well done-well done, well done-well done son . . . You’re all done!!!” And when the extension of an epitaph’s date-dash has been divinely curtailed, as a destiny-approach failed to be derailed. Whether or not who we were and what we’ve done is a well-remembered reference for the fulfillment of someone’s benchmark and essence or there’s an honor through an historical bookmark that’s read to enlightened minds maneuvering through their dark, a subjectively-defined state of satisfaction will withstand life’s, inevitable, distraction and is immune to any culmination of an adversary’s abbreviation and simpleton’s manipulation . . .

Like many that have come and gone before involving the revolving of an ever-evolving personal quest to walk through opportunity’s door, there’s been seasonal salutations, victories, vicissitudes, and vacillations that’ll bring one up and down and all-around to see some of the same and sense some of a similar sound. Then there’s the “Yet Factor,” which strengthens an introspection and fortifies a future direction towards an unanimous Trinity’s vote that’ll only denote what our willpower and their wisdom has wrote . . .

Alive?!? Maybe the journey from birth to death is more about “dying to self” or self-denials that equip us to share experiential wisdom from life’s tribulations and trials. An afterthought about the fact that we’ll be dead longer than we’re alive reveals why a name within a frame raised on a wall so that it’ll never fall next to a bust that brings about more respect than disrespect and disgust; or the likeness of self in the light next to a lamp on a self-adhesive stamp in memory of one who survived life’s survival camp; or a famous face in a place on a coin or a bill next to the Great Seal may or may not be any of many valid reasons to take the “Matrix’s blue or red pill” and secure destiny’s deal even if it’s required to become real. However, there’s always a moment in time for any of us to become more and more monumental via methodologies that are motivational to maintain ours and another’s mental . . .

It’s a wonderful world when worldviews are based upon the commonality and practicality of merging unique versions of visions from visionaries on the verge of notoriety via obscurity, as they scale up the scale of 1 to 10 for a landsliding win that’s a gradient image of how life burdens can become lifelines for learners looking for more than losses or the leftovers of what was or has been. There’s often an inner desire to be honored by a parade or win the popular vote by them who live life to hold acceptance and appreciation as an accolade. However, in reality, the majority of them who are mentioned as being motivating or inspiring today were once the harshly-criticized and ostracized cast-away of yesterday. Sharing struggles amidst societal strife in life that cuts community ties and spreads us thin like warm butter oppressed by a sharp knife.

Hardships and afflictions, without pain prescriptions, have continued for centuries, decades, days, and many nights as oversights and infections that contaminate progressions to cause fevers and universal fights seeking a remedy as a reminder regarding The International Bill of Human Rights. Some have desired to be admired as a lifeline during their lifetime that warrants reverence and, yet, have encountered evidence of an existing preference that presses for a dignity-denying deference. Sometimes them who have crossed the “t” and capitalized their “I” to dismiss the dot have often taken the greatest shot at anything and everything while being figuratively and literally “shot” until the highlights of their life became a reflection and consideration as an after-life valuation. History has taught us to keep it real and our rhythm slow and steady to last and remain steadfast and do what’s best and better than the rest via our actions, understandings, and legacies that may be synchronized with souls for centuries. Time’s Potential says that our “Once Upon A Time” will never end for those generations and any reiterations that they’re willing to send . . .

It’s hard to ignore a hint that a situation’s broken or bent . . . Some Steps To Resolve What’s Required To Be Solved or Dissolved: 1) Begin with an assessment of a valid problem and valuable resource to include the strengthened and weakened source. 2) Endeavor to evaluate and envision outcomes, objectives, and any goal as if one was a superstar with superpowers in search of their stolen role 3) Formulate a successful strategy as if one wanted to destroy a deterrence with dynamite and build a dynasty 4) Navigate the path to success while being prepared to integrate a contingency plan, to save yourself and your nearest and dearest fan, based upon unforeseen progressions and/or regressions that’ll effect decisions or digressions 5) Endeavor beyond the problem pass all distractions in pursuit of personal/professional passions with a newly acquired skill set for those first opportunities and “second chances” that one hasn’t met yet.

Like a stretched rubber band is an optimal effect . . . One’s potential has to be grasped so that a greater reality becomes available to select. Thus, a lack of self-knowledge is unrelenting self-abuse, as this misunderstanding regarding the purpose and potential of someone/something leads to an, inevitable, misuse.

Individuals should develop a knowledge of self for greater health and wealth and proper understanding of their strengths in assets and weaknesses in liabilities that’ll stagger and stump their realities . Although self-improvement is a life-long journey, self-exploration will hasten self-actualization until self-fulfillment is forged into a realization.

The precursor to a state of preparedness may promote the pain and pondering related to forging potential into a persona with a destiny-differential.

A meet and greet should sometimes be discreet, as a greater respect is someday garnered for the governing of an honorable seat. It is recommended that individuals strive to arrive at the higher side of doing more than just remaining average or alive. Preparation at high levels of effectiveness and efficiency must continue until confidence is gained and acumen parallels proficiency. A goal is like the destiny in destination . . . Each one can reach one like it’s a long-awaited revelation!

A humble guide avoids deterring souls to bridge the divide and always support any member of their cohort who has risen in hope and, yet, again fallen short.

Success is engineered via: 1) Retaining high standards and strategies for sustaining life’s banner in an elegant and eloquent manner 2) Creative thinking keeps the soul from sinking even when society’s stinking 3) Sustaining a versatile learning platform filled with knowledge that others can harness for a keen sense of awareness 4) Curiosity, Confidence, and a Culminating experience is life’s best insurance 5) Instituting a synergistic learning model for the enhancement of aptitude and the sharing of gratitude.

Here’s The Good Stuff. Some of My Best Work Is Featured Below.

Yes that’s right, we’ve added over 1200 featured publications! New translations, Truisms, Teachings, Thoughts, & more are soon to come!


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