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King Davis et al’s Eight Areas of Expertise

An actor on the world affairs’ stage to reveal transparent views for victims and visionaries who yearn to turn a promise-keeper’s page. We’re the precedent-setting benchmark; business’s beauty mark; and the next chapter and verse that history may someday bookmark

We diligently work with our clients across countries and continents during a process of discovery to embark upon any and every endeavoring which is enriching. Our actions encompass goal orientations to edify and encourage a learning environment that’s conducive for potential fulfillment during our discerning and experiment. Join our ranks if you know that “who you are” and “who you’re becoming” is no mistake and you firmly believe that you have a valuable and viable contribution to make. Enlist our efforts if your personal and professional goals have become terrors or if you’re seeking guidance in any one of our operational areas . . .

As a result of today’s technological advances, we have incorporated the latest and greatest digital tools to strengthen our cooperative dances. We’re willing to work everywhere and with anyone who endures life to embody a destiny filled with visions that are forged into a reality. We can’t be there for everybody; however, we’ll always want to produce a work-related by-product that’ll reach somebody . . .

Capital Campaigns

King Davis et al's campaigning initiatives harnesses capital to capitalize mission statements that are influential.

Fundraising Solutions

Reoccurring donations from donors who are highly motivated to support a cause that’s near and dear to their heart.

Strategic Planning

King Davis et al's project guidelines allow streamlined implementations and integrations.

Blueprint Designs

We discuss goals to discern viable options and deploy strategic solutions for capacity building.

Executive Search

King Davis et al's recruitment and retention efforts involve screening great talent for greater roles.

Leadership Development

We analyze the suite of strengths of potential candidates via Myers Briggs style tests to create a profile that’s distinguishable.

Board Governance

King Davis et al's stewardship program offers governing protocols for developing organizational models.


We cultivate communication channels among a governing board to emphasize awareness and proactive solutions.


King Davis et al's branding strategies amplify an organization's products and services until they permeate the consciousness of consumers.

Brand Positioning

Our online branding techniques include, but are not limited to: search engine optimization, social media management, etc.

Web Development

King Davis et al's technology services are designed to increase a business's exposure to potential customers and their reach to a desired community.

Digital Communication

We offer website and logo design, print design, and the configuration of the latest technology solutions.

Feasibility Studies

King Davis et al's intel gathering activities enable us to consider the cultivated character of every choice that a consumer may make.

Assessments and Reviews

We are prepared to initiate ongoing communication with contacts who are well-versed about relevant topics that determine a business’s operational tempo.

Business Financing

King Davis et al offers clients access to U.S. Small Business Administration 7(a) and 504 loans, as well as a network of private investors.

Working Capital

We offer working capital solutions to empower capacity-building initiatives in hopes of not breaking the budget.

King Davis et al’s Other Services

We offer a specific line of service models to meet the needs of clients. Our speaker’s bureau offers an oratorical platform that’s designed to exhort, edify, and comfort organizational members, as well as constituents within communities. Our coaching series offers individuals varying amounts of support to include ongoing professional management of their potential. Our library is a collection of writings about different topics that offers a source of strength for them who are seeking a situational analysis.

Why Choose Us

      • Flexible and fully functional platforms for service-delivery
      • Plans and viable options that are scalable and industry-specific
      • Clients have access to our networks comprised of partner-products and services
      • Ongoing support and assessments during the cultivation of capacity-building strategies
      • Development and training that’s suitable for understanding integrations and synchronizations

What Client’s Say

“I worked with King on developing my critical thinking and writing skills. King is very patient, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor, which makes the lessons more enjoyable. The lesson flow is very efficient. King explains the theoretical aspect of a subject first, and leaves enough time for practicums. King is a true expert in his subject, and I would highly recommend him.”

Gulden, Foreign National

“King is the best teacher ever. Every time when I didn’t understand, he had so much patience, that he was willing to explain it to me 3 or 4 times until it was completely clear for me. There are not many people like him. He is really smart and a good person who helped me a lot. Thank you King!”

Nicole, Europe

I have moved to the U.S four years ago with a distinct passion for career and educational attainment. King has helped me to overcome various challenges associated with tremendous language and cultural barriers. To sum, he has drawn the blueprint for my career & educational path. I would like to thank him for all the guidance and assistance along the way.

Mohammed, Egypt