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The Chosen and The Few

A winner will always win in the end . . . Never bruised or broken beyond a bend. Challenged to grow and to only become greater . . . Fed up with lost feelings – The best thoughts come later . . .

Just want to be the success that we never stop searching for . . . Just want to hold what’s hot and the key to open opportunity’s door. Like Stephen King who cleaned high school bathroom floors . . . Like Walt Disney who drove ambulances and whose Lion King still roars. So, let’s reach for every step in the speech that Dr. King spoke of . . . Heal hearts as heads are held high to envision like eagles soaring above. Like Harper Lee whose pen and paper shared time (while reserving space for an airline) . . . Like William Faulkner who would stamp and shuffle shipments-that’ll be fine (sealed with a kiss for yours and mine). Just want Kodak moments with what’s greater (like love that looks lovely for life to marry her) . . . Just want to see like the future has already seen it occur (as forever has peripherals to focus any blur). Like Vachel Lindsay, the Poet, meeting Langston Hughes, the busboy, to reveal that great attracts great . . . Like, Brad Pitt, the Limo driver, and Tom Cruise, the Bell Hop, inspiring Pixie cuts that we’ll love to rate. So, climb mountains and walk meadows to meet millions and a multi-year contract . . . All things come together for good like one’s favorite stitch – Rick Rack (Romans 8:28) . . .

Unimaginable “game changing” success is what we work for (Like the computers and the Internet that opened the world’s door). The kind of success that makes “The Scarecrow” strong (Until “The Tin Man” dances to the ‘Lion King’s’ song). I know! I know that we want it all (House on the hill, good health, liquid wealth, and investments that grow tall). 1 slice, 2 slices, and then we want the whole pie (If the sparrow is clothed, then why would God allow one’s dreams to die?). So, produce passion that propagates a precedent or principle (“By any means necessary” until a popped pimple becomes a pinched dimple).

How can we forget an ingenious idea or witty invention (When there’s no proof or evidence that a gifting was ever mentioned)? It’s not lame to unleash the inner tiger that some tried to tame (Epitaphs need names that stepped away from “same” to walk with their fame). Case in point, crafting words right like a wordsmith writes (Is strengthening one’s spiritual might for a life-time fight). Share volumes from “The Sunshine” to “The Empire” past “First in Flight” (How can it be wrong when it feels alright?). Creating art to see the start that ends beyond smart (Is like envisioning global sales in every Wal-Mart).


So, don’t worry about what others may think (Or when they can’t stop staring to hold a blink). If they’re mad or glad or care to be sad (Pat their back and say that life has asked for all that one had). When they don’t understand that God’s diet for success grows fatter (Say mind over matter – we don’t mind and they’ll never matter). So pumped to pump brakes, as if it’s coming so fast (Autographs, snap shots, with flashes of failure in the past). Thanks to God for a gift that reinforces His call (Thanks for mercy and grace that kept us from grave’s fall).

Now, most overcoming stories reference a quest to succeed (To strengthen successors for the stings in a history read). Like the southern United States overcoming blatant slavery (Cultural splits are now united by a sweater hoodie). Like God’s chosen who disrupt anti-Jewish discourse (Too strong to be “Pharaoh” phased out by a red sea route on course). Like every Paralympian who pressed their potential (With all their heart to prove that it’s the best differential). Like any Lazarus overcoming death to stand with a shovel in their hand (Building futures by burying failures and falters in quick sand). Like the once paralyzed that prayed to not be wheelchair bound (Like the motivator who lifted and walked with 405 pounds). Did you know that even if love and affection comes and goes (It can still grow greater as absent hearts fondly flow)? For every crutch there’s a cross where the wounded can pin their sin (Jesus Christ overcame it all for mankind to live again). Finally, every wise search finds a key to success’s door (So remain creative, courageous, and confident in 1 John 5:4) . . .

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