Project Description

Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work

King Davis et al News • November 16, 2014

Let’s all work it out . . . Let’s all be about – Any remarkable that’ll remain to remove all doubt . . .

Let’s all work it out for a “life-time” accolade – Those “life-giving” songs and statements sung and said to resurrect “the dead head” . . . You heard?!? . . . Have you heard?!? . . . You heard?!? . . . In your work, try to be cool and mellow – like Big-Bird the yellow fellow . . . Try to be enlightening like a fire fly, spread good like a butterfly, and be your best like Eagles that’ll fly high . . . Here we go! There you go! Working half a day – That 12 hour workday that’ll say: Every pay day congratulates moves made in the most significant way . . . You heard?!? . . . Have you heard?!? . . . You heard?!? . . .

Busy Bee

Work is the ABC that’ll lead one beyond “the state of Z” – Those “ZZZ” in sleepiness and sluggishness that won’t grant any happiness . . . You heard?!? . . . Have you heard?!? . . . You heard?!? . . . Working is life’s tool like learning is the rule in school – Don’t stand in corners like a fool or be the dunce who’ll sit on any stool . . . We ought to work to obtain that “A” – Work on A plan that’ll promote others like a friend or fan: “Should I? Would I? Could I? . . .Oh yeah! Yes, you can!” . . . We ought to work to obtain that “B” – Work on Being all that we can Be . . . All that we’ve been “chosen and called” to decree . . . Like a dog attracts a flea, be the worker bee that’ll make more “honey” to attract more money for more days that are funny and sunny . . . We ought to work to obtain that “C” – Work on our inner “C-ing” as an imagined being that’ll want to see a lot “mo” with bifocals and trifocals and a focus on what we desire to grow like the envisioned and eventual show . . .

  • Profitability vs. Prosperity
  • Peace vs. Contentment
  • Priorities vs. Goals

Produce to be . . . all that potential will ask of you and me. Die as an empty vessel that’s emptied out and used to replenish a soul’s drought. Always assert strengths and assess what’s weak to arrive early at production’s peak. Courageously travel the path that’ll, coincidentally, often have wrath. Manage to grow even during a season that’s slow – not only for this generation but for more generational momentum to flow.


Produce so others can see . . . how a paradigm of persistence, beyond imperfection, could actually be. Give and it’ll be given back like a “Happy Meal with a Big Mac.” A 100-fold return on 100% efforts produces an intangible that the law of attraction says is imaginable. Make moves that’ll have meanings for 100, 1,000, and even 10,000 years of gleaning. Let rumors and remembrances reiterate an ever-lasting debate about the question: “Were they great?” Ultimately, memories will remind the “eye of their mind” how the utmost enlightenment was a lifetime find.
Produce based upon an earnest decree . . . to reveal that all the definable are reachable fruit growing on prosperity’s tree. Always proclaim the value of humanity’s name so others can see how to play life’s game for award-winning fame. Always cultivate and protect a heart’s culture from pessimism – the “negative vulture.” For any “results-driven” advocating for conscious living, a monumental movement maneuvers ahead by resurrecting the “spiritually” dead . . .