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How to Encourage Creativity (Belief and Seeds of Faith)?

King Davis et al News • October 5, 2014

Belief will begin with no end . . . to see all that dreamers desire to dream about life’s “cherries and cream” . . . when ideas and hope become top picks on their winning team. Maybe even a smile won’t satisfy a long journeyed mile; however, continuations will cause failure to cease for a while. Belief is a friend to the “beautiful and bold” enabling them to hold what their heart has told. After the storms and showers, can you see? The shadow of them who have stood by you and me. Belief helps a mind find the image and likeness that’s kind and also blind to the jealous and hatred raid that one must evade to avoid a detrimental degrade.


Belief will begin with no end . . . to feel the “warm and fuzzy” perpetuation of an accusation that many have been touched by one’s imagination. Try that “Tin Man” talk on that “yellow brick road” walk because a better finish has sometimes started with a shaky start . . . Disillusioned?!? Reach until one seizes “life’s speech” that’ll impartially teach, as “One life to live” will often become the life that we ought to learn to give . . . Discouraged?!? Be encouraged, like the “Wizard of Oz’s” lion whose name remained the same despite of hidden courage . . . Depressed?!? Not dead yet – Consider caskets closing and the consciousness ceasing to be caressed . . . Despondent?!? Like all one’s energy has been spent – Life lessons are life clues that’ll become the heart’s hint.

  • Realizing Potential
  • Character Cultivations
  • Awareness and Accountability

Belief will begin with no end . . . to say that it’ll never be okay to obtain just a “pay day”. What’s the “belief message’s” meaning? Those spoken words that should soothe and sustain the soul’s cleaning . . . Does belief have a mission? Those methods that multiply motivating mantras and not division . . . What’s the belief movement? An enlightenment that’ll echo an evolving discernment – representations for illuminations that’ll engineer an epidemic of emulations . . . When’s the belief moment? Yesterday, today, and every day because life lived without a prevailing purpose is a life that’s lost its way! . . .


Ladies and gentlemen . . . Can you remember that “forever” kind of faith that brings about fate? Faith feeds on a fancy feeling from an unforgettable encounter or a first date.” “Je t’aime!!!” is what one may say while “Ooh la la!!!” is what they feel . . . “Forever” faith lasts longer than “A Moment in Time,” for it’s the real deal. Have you ever loved life like a lucky lady or lad? . . . While love in life loved a lot of what one gave and even more of the potential one had.

In fact, faith my friends is how we should always begin so that “forever” faith becomes our feature film that never ends . . . For it’ll temp the internal temperature to heal hearts, bodies, and minds like a Namaste bend. Therefore, like Abraham Lincoln once decreed: “Whatever you are, be a good one” . . . Don’t ever stop doing what one does until it’s done. So, sway that sexy and strong walk . . . Tease that thought with the “Taste my touch” talk . . . Until one reaches the “7th heaven” like “Jack and the Beanstalk.”

It’s never too late to “find that thrill on a Carolina hill” . . . Like Jack and Jill on a “slip-n-slide” with a wet seal. Faith is all good with God’s “green-light” go . . . For three seeds can grow after a strong and sexy flow. “Pat-a-cake! Pat-a-cake!” Have faith in the beautiful girl of one’s world who does more than bake. “I yam what I yam!” Have faith in one’s “I’ll do what I can” man who eats spinach or spam. Letting the story play out like Time magazine’s timeline . . . Saying a prayer for passion that’s divine like vintage wine and faith that’s fine. Hold onto faith like jeans hug those hips! Hold onto faith like a tongue licks those lips! Hold onto faith like chocolate sticks to fingertips! Hold onto faith like a heart has an emotional grip! Hold onto faith Not like Humpty Dumpty on wall with a slip! Hold onto faith until one’s flop lets go of flip! Hang on! The “Fat lady hasn’t sung” because she’s on a diet! . . .