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Finding the Assets You Need

King Davis et al News • June 2, 2016

Heavenly Father . . . Thank you for Genesis 2:10-14 and the concept “multiple streams of income” – That’ll satisfy our life’s yearning to have more than just some . . . Thank you for 1 Corinthians 4:2 and for stewards that are trustworthy and wise – to reserve and preserve cash in a larger account size . . .
Let’s shake and save that change . . . Uhh-uhh! . . . Let’s try to expand our wealth’s range . . . Uhh-uhh! . . . Let’s flip that currency bill . . . Uhh-uhh! . . . Let’s make that investment deal real . . . Uhh-uhh! . . . Let’s raise that “financial IQ” . . . Uhh-uhh! . . . Let’s eliminate what’s past due . . . Uhh-uhh! . . . Let’s prepare for our tomorrow with no regrets or sorrow . . . Uhh-uhh!

Got it! Get it! Fit it! . . . Got it! Don’t rush it! Be present for it! . . . Got it! Be patient with it! And consider it to grow it! . . . The present has always been the wrapped gift – Live for now, yet, don’t let budgets drift . . . Umm-umm . . . Umm-umm
Now, let’s talk that “piggy bank”-type philosophy . . . The strategy to save for an emergency . . . Let’s talk less expenses and increased cash flows for more – to invest in a future beyond being considered poor . . . Like the dedicated and hard working for a “prosperous order” – Invest and spend wisely to avoid financial disorder . . . Umm-umm . . . Umm-umm.

Never! Never forever! Break a budget to ruin a future endeavor! . . . Never! Never, forever! Allow someone’s disbelief, whether long or brief, to cause financial grief . . . Never! Never forever! Allow a “surprise” or “shock” to ever weaken one’s “financial rock” . . . Never! Never forever! Allow a lack of insight or hindsight to slow one’s progression “clock” or lower one’s “stock” . . . While the enlightened mind is burning for earnings to climb economic ranks – Don’t let anyone’s “personal vices” break personal budgets (Say: “No thanks!” . . . “No thanks!”) . . . Budgets are bolstered by a discipline to win – Broken by distractions that can’t answer: If not now, then when?!? . . . Umm-umm . . . Umm-umm

Why disrupt a budget’s cash flow when it’s what Destiny desires to know . . . to grow . . . and to flow? . . . So, if one’s “financial system” is not broke, then why start fires when we don’t like to smoke? . . . Why spend when there’s no need? . . . Why grow debt concerns when third worlds seek a great feed? . . . Why empty pockets out when one can prepare for the future and remove all doubt? . . . How can we balance budgets like a “big baller” so that we economically grow “taller” – If we refuse to design our expense sheets a little smaller? . . . How can we invest beyond a regression, recession, or “depression” – The “disruption-like assumption” that’ll force a reduction in consumption? . . . How can a family build a financially-sound tree – beyond past talks of a future divorce decree? . . . No guessing! No stressing! And no stressing because of guessing! . . . No “left hanging in the wind,” as a result of no confessing! . . . No “spending conversations”?!? . . . Means no budget regulations . . . No “saving conversations”?!? . . . Means no “business contemplations” . . . Without one or the other, bridges are broken and we’ll fail to build another . . . Telepathy?!? No empathy! . . . Telepathy?!? No sympathy! . . . Telepathy?!? Then, our budget’s a forgotten memory! . . . Umm-umm . . . Umm-umm

Like Proverbs 13:22, real good men are true and few . . . They’ll build a seven to nine-digit income statement that’s held near . . . For a speech loud enough to reach the 2nd and 3rd generation’s ear . . .

Keep It Simple

Heavenly Father . . . We thank you for both good and bad days, as we have always arrived alive . . . For our every effort will remember Psalms 12:5.

  • Working Capital
  • Investment Strategies
  • Finance and Control

Whether it’s one dollar or one hundred million (Fiduciary responsibilities turns zeros into zillions). Remember those times when too much was lost (We didn’t have enough sense to ever count up the cost). Now, great stewards is what we’ll always strive to be (To save more of our money like sap stored in an oak tree). We’ll be even more blessed like the rest with God’s best (After our “money-making” minds move us beyond less).

Monetary Policy

Now feel right because it’ll all be alright (God sees to reveal His light that’ll always shine bright). Be the Kings and Queens that love slides in between (Never stop believing in Deuteronomy 8:18). Now, we’ve all experienced vacillations before a victory (Like vicissitudes of life bring Burdens with a capital “B”). Never flinch at every jealous, green Grinch (Or mediocre monkeys with their simpleton’s wrench). Stare not at a wish list that God says is a cinch (Success is not stagnation that becomes a subtle stench). Now, money motivates some while its mission meets many (Like “A dime for spoken love and for every thought there’s a penny”). Has one ever had a protective plan that they ran (To see anywhere a saboteur’s curiosity spanned)? An investor researches markets the way that it can (Like ‘Dean Martin’s’ style that’s as cool as a fan). Even if there’s no pot of gold at the end of each rainbow (There are always good beginnings willing to grow).

Money’s nice for curtains, comforters, and cuisine with rice (In Columbia, Chi Town, or in the Big Apple alongside bigger mice). Every monetary instrument that’s spent is an investment made (So, budget like a balancer in the middle of a motorcade). Never let lack deter a dream that waits to begin (How does fear contend with what God intends to win?).

“Earning it” is all the work that the body feels is hard (No complaints when earnings start raining on “life’s player” card). Potential proves that talent trumps the terrible (As a master honors hours that haters said were horrible). What we want is what we may have – Why not?!? (Life’s big enough for exclamation points, three dots, and a private spot). So, we can’t stop shuffling through all this slush (Until we stand on stage for fans to say to critics “hush”).

“Spending it” is as easy as a card swipe or exchanged currency (Satisfying a “want or need” is listening for urgency or an emergency). Fashion or name brand items shouldn’t stretch account seams (To disturb the generational peace by living beyond means). Okay! I know that one wants their cake and to eat it too (That’s fine when a rich “Shamu” can buy Jet Blue). A “Whale Sales Prospect” can watch and wait because of a fulfilled plate (Spending “QT” with a date – the special mate whose love one ate).

“Saving it” is an earner’s and spender’s bookmark that’s earmarked (Recessions don’t buy groceries at Trader Joe’s or Pathmark). Does one see where I’m coming from or feel what I feel (Rich is only as powerful as one can keep it real). Wouldn’t we rather have a re-run of a good response with what we reap (Then to “Keep up with the Joneses” while drowning in the deep).

“Investing it” is always an important thought to consider (Trade profits until a “dream” account becomes bigger). Diversify assets to always secure an “out” (Sleep well while money works to remove all doubt). An investor is actually a visionary that navigates the “ebb and flows” (Long-term growth is safe and day trading is high-risk flow). Never go beyond the percentage of capital that’s expendable (Exchanges aren’t the hospital’s ICU – Nothings recoverable!).

“Giving it” is offering a portion of what one can (In hopes of edifying another future fan). Be all that one can be (But don’t be the one supplying a shopping spree). True charitable giving is like a farmer sowing a seed (Harvest comes when beliefs bond with one’s creed).

So, in sum, we can assume that money brings about wealth (Like the potential of time on “super stealth”). Is intrinsic wealth first intellectual to become universal? . . . Or is “old money” the best generational gain that’ll remain? . . .