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Ask Good Questions and Get Better Answers

King Davis et al News • June 2, 2016

Look around and underneath the ground for rare minds that we failed to appreciate . . . No one said that they ever had a chance to do good or be great – What a mistake! The likes of Van Gogh who could only manage one sale back then . . . Today, his 800 works bring in hundreds of millions for multiples of a win. The likes of Lincoln’s colored coin sees turned backs from the quarter to dime . . . Emancipated from failed business and lost elections to change his timeline.

The likes of Edison who failed 1,000 times and never signed on to resign . . . Practiced until perfection produced an enlightened design. The likes of Einstein who was seen as anti-social and mentally downsized . . . Expelled from school and, yet, graduated with a Nobel Prize. The likes of Colonel Sanders whose chicken recipe was refused a good pluck . . . Rejected 1,009 times until it was finally picked up. The wisdom of one may wonder beyond their years . . . May walk past their peers! “Held in contempt” because of fears! Yearn for more than a career!

The likes of Microsoft’s Gates whose software says what he’s all about . . . Big billions after his “business bust” and being a college drop-out. The likes of Oprah (God’s “blessed daughter”) and fired as a news reporter. Manages her OWN! Never borrowed her throne! Could buy “Best Buy” or an army of drones. The likes of Fred Astaire who MGM told that he couldn’t act, sing, or dance” . . . He wasn’t self-made but never stop making and taking a chance.

Mental Models

The likes of Spielberg who was theatre school denied, then accepted, and dropped out . . . Showed true and not trained potential to prove what he’s all about. The likes of Elvis Presley who was fired by the Grand Ole Opry that had no clue . . . He would be so great. Oops, another Elvis sighting? ~ Peek-A-Boo! The likes of Beethoven who was downgraded as deaf but he wasn’t dumb . . . Composed five, most-loved symphonies with golden fingers and a talented thumb. Experiential wisdom is earned, as the intuitive just yearn from birth to learn . . . It’s not luck when the mind discovers it’s aptitude to churn.

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  • Simple Strategies
  • B-Plan Developers and Administrators

The likes of Stephen King whose wife said re-submit what received multiple rejections . . . Now, he has hundreds of books published with “best-seller” distinctions.

Who Never Knew

The likes of the man who lives I Peter 3:7 to honor Proverbs 18:22 . . . Why read other personal ADs when the AD’s love already found is true? The likes of Oliver Stone who failed at Yale and after two purple hearts . . . The Oscar-winning filmmaker encourages another fresh start. The likes of Dick Cheney who was determined to flunk out of Yale twice . . . The President’s Office isn’t bad but the Vice-Presidency isn’t “not nice.”

The likes of the Wright brothers who failed at pedaling a plane prototype . . . Overcame depression to achieve elevation for validation of their flight hype. Now when it comes to all of you who “stand out”side of their crew . . . Prepare to do what only you and not even a few can do . . .

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