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King Davis “and others” is a consulting firm with seasoned advisors, analysts, and authors who serve a global citizenry that’s in search of intuitive individuals, ideas, and capacity-building initiatives. Our global focus is on offering specialized services to meet the needs of individuals, for-profit businesses, and not-for-profit organizations who seek to accentuate their strengths as they acknowledge more of their potential. We have parlayed our knowledge, experience, and network into a platform of products and services that exhorts, edifies, and comforts . . . King Davis et al | Who We Are

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We are highly-skilled professionals in those areas that are relevant to an organization’s operational purpose and practice. We carry our client’s burdens, as we provide them tailor-made solutions for their most pressing problems . . . King Davis et al | Schedule A Free Initial Consultation

IT Consultants

IT solutions to include advising organizations on how best to use information technology (IT) in achieving their business objectives.

IT Consultants

IT consultancies often estimate, manage, implement, deploy, and administer IT systems on behalf of their client organizations.

Sales Consultants

Sales consultants are bridge-builders who help to improve closing rates and customer engagements for corporate brand management purposes

Sales Consultants

Providing selling tips and techniques to impact strategies, processes, and training. They help the sales team management with prospecting issues and customer relationship management.

Copywriting Consultant

Copywriting consultants produce creative content for corporate blogs, websites, online projects, and marketing materials to keep customers engaged.

Copywriting Consultants

Creative content and content management to include writing words that promote a person, business, opinion, or idea.

Social Media Consultants

Social media specialists help businesses convey their mantras and messages throughout social networks.

Social Media Consultants

Social media is where audiences can receive updates and additional information about corporate products and services.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing consultants assist with project management, marketing strategies, creative concepts, market research, and conversions.

Marketing Consultants

Marketing involves corporate branding and brand positioning as well as maintaining the communication  channels required for cultivating customer relations.

Business Consultants

Business consultants help small businesses thrive through their external perspectives and insights related to implementing solutions.

Business Consultants

Defining small businesses to assess their growth potential; ability to attract customers; negate problems with proposed business and marketing solutions . . .

Grants Consultant

Grant writing consultants help nonprofit organizations write grant applications to acquire funding from governments, foundations, and other sources.

Grant Writing Consultant

Grant writing is an arduous process which entails researching opportunities and drafting proposals to meet funding guidelines.

Financial Consultants

Financial consultants work with individuals, families, corporations, trusts, and privately owned firms to provide cash management advice.

Financial Consultants

Specializing in accounting, finance, insurance, retirement planning, pension analysis, will and estate planning, investment management, and cash acquisitions.

Political Consultants

Political consultants advise and assist political campaigns with the development and production of campaign strategies to promote political platforms.

Political Consultants

Political consultants advise campaigns as it relates to coordinating campaign staffs, special events, opposition research, voter polling, field strategies, and voter outreach.

Research Consultants

Research consultants assist companies with forecasting, feasibility studies, product development, search engine optimization, and pricing.

Research Consultants

Online researching of information originating in government reports, online databases, trade journals, census documents, books, magazines, websites, search engines, etc.

HR Consultants

Human resource consultants are skilled professionals with the wherewithal to lessen the burdens of their clients by solving their problems.

HR Consultants

Proficient in professional practice, organizational effectiveness, staffing, employee and labour relations, compensation, training and development, and occupational health and wellness.

Strategy Consultants

Strategy consultants help improve organizational effectiveness and efficiency via tailor-made thinking to address existing problems.

Strategy Consultants

Providing change management assistance, coaching, process analysis, technology implementation, strategy development, and operational governance.

Policy Interpretation of 2016 State of the Union Address by the 44th US President Barack Obama on January 12, 2016

The following is a rendition of The 2016 State of the Union Address given by the 44th United States President, Barack Obama, on January 12, 2016 and reconstructed by King Davis on January 16, 2016 . . .

Mr. Microphone, Mr. “Mission Control” – Stop Cancer’s Clone . . . Let’s make it real warm and fuzzy for those watching by t.v. at home alone . . .

Members of the House and Senate, My Fellow “Melting Pot Memories” who said America will be great and meant it . . . Tonight’s the State of the Union Address and if you’re up for it, then I’m down for it and all up in it to win it! . . .

Here we go, let’s get’em and green light go – get on with the show and go with the flow to get it done and say what Nike’s Bo may not know . . . Here we go, let’s get’em and green light go – sprout and spring on them like dropping science is what we had to sow even though against the grain is how we may have to grow . . . Here we go, let’s get’em and green light go – style for a while to meet America at it’s point of need from this podium and platform down to any profile that’s low as Champions deliver the good, bad, and ugly like the post office during rain, sleet, and snow . . . Here we go, let’s get-em and green light go!

Never really had a cause to press pause because we were always ready to play . . . From this State of the Union Address to the White House’s address and all the way back to that first Inaugural Day . . . umm-umm, that’s right! (Fact not Fiction) . . . With a game face on . . . With a jump shot on . . . With the Oval Office open and on until we read and wrote what was proposed and did and said what a statesman was supposed . . . umm-umm, that’s right! (Fact not Fiction) . . . To always stand and say . . . To sing and see the shady and shadows of evil across the sea or the black and white and the in-between gray . . . umm-umm, that’s right! (Fact not Fiction) . . . King Davis on U.S. President Barack Obama’s 2016 State of the Union Address

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Policies | Proverbs | Parables | Petitions

We persuade public policy; produce publications; promote progress; and provide an arrangement of words and writings to exhort, edify, and comfort . . . King Davis et al | What We Do

Main Title: The Power of Poetry & Prose
SubTitle: Accountability - Knowledge of Employees
File Size: 1480 KB
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Page Numbers Source ISBN: 153517420X
Publication Date: July 8, 2016
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The Power of Poetry and Prose | Accountability Knowledge of Employees

Main Title: The Power of Poetry & Prose
SubTitle: Legal Issues - Worship
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Publication Date: July 8, 2016
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The Power of Poetry and Prose | Legal Issues - Worship


Thoughts | Teachings | Tabernacles


Authority is seen as an advantage only when it is possessed by someone who is . . .  – King Davis on Authority


Share one’s intent with only true ones who are intended to interpret its meaning . . . – King Davis on Communication


Wisdom walks out the mental-mapping of a route while inquiring-knowledge works out doubt . . . – King Davis on Wisdom


Okay, this is for every parent, grand-parent, and (great) grand-parent who wants their child to win . . . in what they did before, now, and desire to do again.

Had a dream . . . Still have a dream . . . Like a march moving forward on Dr. King’s team . . . Like a “We Are The World” song and Lennon’s “Imagine” song lingering long – Generational bridge building for . . . – King Davis on Parent Duties


Patient with Purpose – “The True and Real Identity” . . . Don’t let anyone or anything distract one’s destiny . . . Time is unredeemable and too valuable to be spent with or doing the unreliable . . . Destined assignments are too elegant and relevant – to not undergo one’s strict regimen . . . Stay “focused-like” with discipline – fulfill a vision, mission, and . . . – King Davis on Patience


Shhhhhhh . . . Ladies and gentlemen . . . Have we had day or night chat sessions?!? . . . Hey! Whoa! . . . To let minds walk as hearts talk – To erase and replace rumors with memories not faded like chalk . . . Hey! Whoa! . . . Have we had day or night intimate discussions?!? . . . Looking to listen for nonverbal and verbal progressions . . . And to . . .  – King Davis on Communication


Heavenly Father,
You say (Proverbs 11:24-25) that a giver will always gain to add to what will remain . . . Thank you and we believe it. You say (Proverbs 14:21) that even the “bum” named Ben will deserve a ten while walking the street with no shoes on his feet . . . Thank you and help us to remember this. You say (Proverbs 19:17) that you’ll honor the . . . – King Davis on Alms


Heavenly Father,
You say (Romans 3:23) that there’s a “sin debt” that none and no one can “never-ever-forever” pay . . . Thank you and we believe it. You say (Romans 3:19) that there’s a “spiritual law” for the “lost” and them guilty of trying to “win-at-all-costs” . . . Thank you and help us to remember this. You say (Romans 6:23) that sin is a “deteriorating . . . – King Davis on Christianity and Salvation


Heavenly Father,
You say (Matthew 6:24) that we have the choice, whether or not, to vote on opinions or to oppress opinions that’ll need a strong voice in opposition to any moral extinction and in favor of the overriding destiny-fulfillment discourse – For you’ll always require that your “standards” supersede “the self” to suppress . . . – King Davis on Standards

Those Are Just A Few. There Are More To View And Share too.

Public Policy Analysis | Platform Presentations

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King Davis | Exhort. Edify. Comfort.

King Davis, an alumnus of Harvard University, is an author and advisor who’s dedicated to providing an arrangement of words and writings to exhort, edify, and comfort.

Whether he’s inspiring the downtrodden or motivating the sluggish, King’s message is comprised of the intricacies enveloping the human experience. When an individual can overcome insurmountable odds, it’s often appreciated by them who have advocated for the driven and cheered for the ambitious to succeed. It takes an enormous amount of determination to . . . King Davis et al | The Founder

Power Policies | 2018 Release Date

We produce policy papers for policymakers to promote generational progressions towards desired destinations at an exceptional rate that are good and too great to hate via a debate . . . Time’s Potential | Power Policies (Coming Soon)

Criminal Justice Policy

Cultural Policy

Economic Policy

Education Policy

Environmental Policy

Health Policy

Social Policy

Social Welfare Policy

Foreign Policy

Defense Policy

Agricultural Policy

Energy Policy

Join Our International Team

Why fill a position when you’re empowered to be empowering and fulfill an emerging purpose?!? We’re seeking partners, peacemakers, pundits, presenters, professors, political-players, professionals, and the like who are prepared to serve the public as highly-skilled practitioners within their profession. We want partners who’ll participate with a permanent-promise to continually parlay their potential into the fulfillment of a powerful purpose. We “push” and “press” policy issues via publications or presentations to propagate ideas until they peak the interest of policymakers. Sign-up for an initial assessment and qualify to be considered for one of our service-roles . . . King Davis et al | Careers

King Davis et al | Timeline

From paralysis to power lifting . . . From physical therapy and artificial support to building motivation and being an anchor of support . . . From “A Moment In Time” to “Time’s Potential” . . . From the U.S. Air Force to the U.S. Army . . . From the University of Florida to Harvard University . . . From short stories to poetic-parables . . . From petitions to policies . . .  From an intuitive idea to the think tank that history can someday thank . . . King Davis et al | Timeline


Many Are Called . . . Few Are Chosen

The “Strong By Design and Potential” principle perpetuates the belief that we all have an innate ability to do and become during times of few “first opportunities” and many “second chances.” Our lives are a living document that’s comprised of punctuated experiences like periods (endings), commas (pauses before new beginnings), question marks (questions), and exclamations (in acquiring destiny-like destinations). Time has always been experiential with the potential to answer who, what, when, where, how, and why that’s generational. Life’s “A Moment In Time” that’s filled with periodic meanings throughout humanity’s historical graph from the first breath until an etched name, date of birth, and date of death upon an epitaph . . . King Davis on Strong By Design and Potential

Our Research-Based Political Policy Campaign

The Character of Choice | Change That We Can Cultivate


Support King Davis et al’s think tank initiative. Think tanks are policy institutes which perform research and advocacy concerning a wide array of topics that influence the make-up of humanity and motivate mankind. They analyze existing policy issues and present solutions for persistent problems within the world. They argue, advocate, and lobby for policy changes at local, state, and federal levels. Generally, think tanks garner operational funding from governments, special-interest groups, businesses, and individuals via product or service distributions, as well as gift-giving contributions. Our final output models are accessible for a sponsor’s review and consideration, as it is an evolving policy-paper for a Congressional and Capital Hill presentation.

We daily retain an attitude of wise stewards who are accountable for those funds contributed for use within our advocacy campaigns. Some of the ways in which we efficiently and effectively allocate our financial resources include, but are not limited to:

  1. Developing operational effectiveness and efficiency during developmental phases;
  2. Traveling to/from Washington, D.C. and other locations to meet with law makers, attend congressional hearings, and to facilitate data gathering expeditions;
  3. Coordinating collaborative efforts with cooperative spirits at the local, state, and federal levels
  4. Extending our outreach efforts via media outlets to garner feedback and support regarding those issues that are most important to you;
  5. Connecting canvassing activities within, both, rural and urban areas to foster community engagement;
  6. Reserving time and resources to coincide with research endeavors and the dissemination of relevant information via publication;
  7. Enlisting the support of volunteers

A few have asked what can I do to . . . Individual “grassroots” contributors can make an inquiry, via King Davis et al, if they wish to make a non tax deductible contribution;  believe in Who We Are becoming; or see the value in What We Do; possess the professional capacity and are highly capable too. You can be one of the called and chosen few who can enable our paradigms (research models} to combat major issues such as, but not limited to: Healthcare and tax reform, immigration, terrorism, social shaming (cyber stalking and bullying), education reform. human trafficking, climate change, and employment rights for them with many unique abilities that offset their disabilities.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and your constituents, as we persuade public policy; produce publications (Policies, Proverbs, Parables, and Petitions); promote progress; and provide an arrangement of words and writings to exhort, edify, and comfort.

We’ll answer your “call to action” and always give our very best level of service to empower your political campaign and public policy initiative. Let’s cease the clamoring about any catastrophe-calamity within an unfavorable policy that continues to cloud our clarity and contaminate a hope-filled humanity.

We’ve come far and, yet, have far to go (Timeline). Learn more about our intuition, ideas, and initiatives . . . King Davis et al | Services

If you see the value in what’s being done, please pause and click here to complete this five minute survey for this research cause.

To learn more about our sponsorship program, please click here.

“May life continue to inspire you for good works and an, inevitable, outcome . . . May wisdom never fail your endeavors.”

“For every relationSHIP type (sponsorSHIPS, partnerSHIPs, friendSHIPs, fellowSHIPs, courtSHIPs, and mentorSHIPs, etc.) that’s typical of the old adage, “birds of a feather flock together,” is strengthened, sustained, and stabilized at sea and overseas by an anchor of trust. Let’s float in confidence! . . . Cultivating consumer confidence creates culminating consensuses . . . Cooperation among members of an organization will enable the collection of synergy required for advancements . . .”– KING DAVIS • CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

“I served in the US Marines for a period of 10 years and on those years I was a Drill instructor in Parris Island, NC, a Water Safety Survival Instructor and a Marksmanship Instructor. I strongly understand that the way instructions are conducted in the military is not the same as that in the civilian world, but the elements of how to teach are the same. When I first met with Mr. King, he provided me a plan of attack, procedures, and expectations within a time frame. That gave me a clear indication of his level of organization.”


“I worked with King on developing my critical thinking and writing skills. King is very patient, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor, which makes the lessons more enjoyable. The lesson flow is very efficient. King explains the theoretical aspect of a subject first, and leaves enough time for practicums. King is a true expert in his subject, and I would highly recommend him.”


“Davis K. is a great educator and is the gold standard in teaching. I am so thrilled to have found him . . . If you are lucky enough to secure his teachings then you must count your blessings.”


“This is an opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to one of the few who has dramatically transformed my life. As a result of perfect reviews, I have decided to contact King to reinforce my writing skills, academic advising, as well as accent reduction . . . I have moved to the U.S four years ago with a distinct passion for career and educational attainment. King has helped me to overcome various challenges associated with tremendous language and cultural barriers. To sum, he has drawn the blueprint for my career & educational path. I would like to thank him for all the guidance and assistance along the way.”


“King is the best teacher ever. Every time when I didn’t understand, he had so much patience, that he was willing to explain it to me 3 or 4 times until it was completely clear for me. There are not many people like him. He is really smart and a good person who helped me a lot. Thank you King!”


Thank you for the consideration!

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